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  1. What about adding a little Puck as companion that can heal you if you do something like talk to him after a battle or something like that? I would really like to go around with a small elf flying around me on skyrim! ^ ^ PS great job!!

  2. As a female, I probably won't be using Guts much, but this is awesome. Just wish I could have Guts as a marriageable NPC.

    1. Well, found a tutorial. I'm SO doing that. Thanks for your perfect mods. I'm gonna go make my future husband and hope my RL boyfriend doesn't get mad.

  3. Hey man, i'm a huge fan of berserk and literally squeeled the moment I found your mod. I have to ask though is it at all possible to make Guts compatible with SoS? There's bits and pieces of the SoS underwear protruding from his groin framed by something I can only describe as a black recess. I humbly await your response.