Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cassandra Race

UPDATED WITH A LITTLE FIX: Closes her mouth when neutral.

Someone requested this, I was bored, so why not.

This is Cassandra from SC4. Sorry about the silly default face, but it was the default morph for it. I might make the default face be different sometime.

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TESV 2013 08 08 19 33 42 39 TESV 2013 08 08 19 38 53 36

Face Fix
This makes her close her mouth when she has a neutral face.

To install, just drop it into your Data folder then activate the plugin. There's also her armor converted to UNPC by Shippin. This uses UNP textures, so any UNP armor/body will fit her. If you want CBBE, you'll have to wait. I used CBBE until I decided I like UNP more.

I have no clue of how vampirism would work. If someone wants to make an actual vampire fix for this, you're welcome. I also have no idea of how race compatibility would work with this or any other race that uses a head mesh radically different to the default one (that's why I still haven't made the Berserk races use it).

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Here's a post where I put the followers I've created from several characters I've used. I'll start with one today and put more tomorrow. This is pretty much for archiving purposes, you can find some of these at tesgeneral.com too. They're all standalone, meaning you don't need to install any additional mods.

Also, have in mind I always use UNP/UNPB unless otherwise stated.


Nebia Lioria
Solitude's Blue Palace
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Frea Modification
Dragonborn Main Quest
TESV 2014 01 30 00 25 13 80 TESV 2014 01 30 00 19 40 79