Saturday, February 23, 2013

Fuck Mediafire


Well, many people is probably getting errors about files being corrupted or encrypted.

Turns out Mediafire either fucked up because they're upgrading their system, or they have something against japan related stuff (this is a joke). Eitherway, the fact that they tell me I must pay them to be able to share such "corrupted" or "encrypted files" (they're not btw) just tells me they might be using this bullshit to make some money and who knows what other files they'll mark as "damaged" (I don't blame them for trying to make money, just the bullshit way they're doing it).

Anyways, I'm now moving my mods to, I'm first uploading the broken links, then I'll upload the other ones in order of downloads count.

Don't ask me how long it'll take, my connection is shit, but it shouldn't take me a month considering I've not uploaded that much... I think.

Have a nice day.

UPDATE1: I've uploaded some stuff, check again whatever you were trying to download, you might be able to now.

UPDATE2: I just erased all the files I had hosted in Mediafire. They just deleted latest xvision (even though it's "encrypted") because it didn't comply with their terms of service. It didn't have anything that violated these (there is no nudity in that mod or anything of that sort). So yeah, FUCK Mediafire, too bad they won't be going down like Megaupload did. I'm moving EVERYTHING to now.

I'd have my own fucking server if I could.

UPDATE3: has download limits it seems. Just great. I'm gonna have to search for some good hosting site.

UPDATE4: Uploaded stuff to Mega.