Monday, October 1, 2012

jmenaru's Seraphine Armor - CBBEv3M Conversion

Somebody wanted this one converted to CBBEv3M and I wanted it to support the weight slider, and since I lately made a test race using that body, I said why the hell not. Thanks to Shippin for helping with the 0 morphs.

You still need the original one for the textures and the plugin and no I'm not including them. This only replaces the meshes, so first download the original one, install it, then install this and say yes to replace stuff. Also endorse the original modder, since all we did was convert it to another body type.

There's still some clipping here and there, mostly noticeable with pose mods and animations the player can't normally do. Not much I can do about it since it's a bit hard to erase body bits here without it being noticeable.