Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hentai's Claymore (from the Claymore Manga) Remake for Skyrim

I took Hentai's Claymore mesh for Oblivion, heavily modified it, retextured it and imported it to Skyrim.

The textures are more detailed, and the sign is part of the mesh and has its own texture.

You can find it being sold by the Blacksmith woman in Whiterun.

If you want to cheat and don't want to buy it, use "player.additem 00999e9f 1" (without quotes)


Monday, December 5, 2011

Dragonslayer for Skyrim

Yeah. Let's get this shit started with the Dragonslayer.


Just put it in your Skyrim folder. I succeded at importing SkeletonK's one, but it has a problem with the UV Map and the blood stains, so I won't upload it until I make a new blood texture (and that won't be soon).

Also, a (probably last) update for the Berserk compilation for Oblivion. This adds the Dragonslayer I uploaded in the last post to the game (if you didn't do it yet).