Tuesday, October 20, 2015

MMD Isao's Reimu "Port" (REUPLOADED)

This is a little experiment I've been working on. I wanted to see how hard it was to import a MMD model along with its face shapekeys converting them to tris.

Needless to say, it was a lot of work, since I had to import a new body and I had to find a workaround to use tangent normal maps with the body and face instead of object ones, since the UVs are mirrored and I didn't want to edit them. All credits to Isao for creating the original model and morphs for MMD.



To find her clothes, just open the console and type help "reimu" 4. Reimu's Clothes is the item you're looking for, so type player.additem id and that's it.

Some notes:

- The skirt needs better weighting. I hate weight painting skirts, but I might fix it in the future.
- The body itself (body, hands, feet) needs better weighting, since they have seams because I just copied weights. Might fix it in the future.
- You CAN use vanilla/custom armors/clothes, but they'll look wrong since the body mesh is not the same. It doesn't even have a texture set applied so even the texture color will be different. As I said, this was just an experiment, so I'm not really fixing that. Vanilla/custom gloves/gauntlets/shoes/boots will look alright however. Of course, gloves/gauntlets will clip with the clothes sleeves.
- The clothes and body are layered, which means the clothing goes ON the body, instead of having part of the body mesh in it. This is just misc info, really.
- Skin color "works", as in, you can change her skin color, but I didn't make the change too hard since the eyes are part of the head mesh. Making changes to the skin color too heavy would make the eyes change colors too abruptly too.
- The expression MoodFear has a problem when it comes into play. The blinking will try to morph itself with it and a graphical bug happens each second. Not that bad for screenshots really, since it happens only when the blinking morphs come into play.
- I can't add texture overlays (cheeks colors, warpaints, etc) to her face since it's a misc head part (I had to make it such because setting it as a face made it use the facetint shader and that causes problems if you don't use space object normal maps, such as a completely black face).


  1. This looks good :3

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  3. thank you !

  4. The age of anime-mod has begun O_O

  5. How can I contact you? Your work looks awesome and I hope you can help me. I want to import all of Touhou's characters so I need you help. I can't understand how to use textures from MikuMikuDance models. Please, help me. My skype: jarezzzz

  6. @nothing:
    Maybe it will help you:
    import Alice:
    I have a problem with the eyes of a player (but the NPC is all right)

    1. No idea. Some mod must be conflicting, that's all I can tell you.

  7. Am I the only one who thinks the skin looks too waxy and the eyes quite lifeless? Keep in mind I haven't played Skyrim and only seen friends play it for a very short time, so it might still fit in with the vanilla characters ...

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  9. MAN, please, I found all of your mods became unavailable downloading. I just came here and saw these wonderful things. Could you provide available links again?

  10. Love this but the MediaFire download... Hope you'll fix it soon no rush ^_^

  11. Hey is it possible to get a re-upload?

  12. Mediafire link is ded, but a guy put it on mega.