Sunday, October 4, 2015

So my links are dead, again... And some other crap

Mega is shit.

No seriously, fuck these guys, they keep deleting my stuff. I'm gonna use Zippyshare and see how it goes.

However, it's going to take some time because recently, due to my ISP being saturated, they reduced my speed to 1 mbps dl, 256 kbps ul, which means uploading anything is a real chore. Yes, in Venezuela this shit happens, such is life in a third world country.

Also, I'm using adfly again. Why? Because as of lately my job isn't enough to pay for expenses, including my shitty internet service. That or enable a donation button? But I don't make nearly enough content for that and I'm not modding TES games currently.


  1. Bags, I think that might have just been a bug, my mega folder seemed like it got purged too but it works fine now after I messed around with it for a while. It just randomly stopped being weird. Keep trying to log in maybe.

    I can help you host some of the files too if you want, just PM me on Steam so we can coordinate. I put a bunch of our files on mega just the other day too but didn't look at exactly was in there.!1IoFCLDY!R73r81sPBXyiuxplblB8xQ

  2. Also leave Mai a message on PM about your situation, he seemed like he wanted to help.

  3. Yeah, kind of noticed that I couldn't download your Griffith Armor mod. A shame that, indeed.

  4. Thanks Iz, I left Mai a PM. It seems they've been deleting my MEGA links because they're "too popular" (aka get too many downloads). I'm gonna use ZippyShare for now.

    Oracle, I'm going to be reuploading everything slowly, including that yes.