Thursday, May 3, 2012

Berserk Races for Skyrim (with face anims) v 0.5

Here's a video showing some of the morphs in action, thanks to Izzy.

Name: Berserk Races
Version: 0.5
Date: 05/03/2012
Category: Hair and Face Models

Adds races with face morphs from the Berserk manga.

Currently, this mod adds five races. Guts, a male oriented race, Casca, a female oriented race, Schierke, a female oriented race, Farnese, a female oriented race and Griffith, a male oriented race. Any of the oposite races for both Guts and Casca isn't/won't be worked on because of obvious reasons.
Schierke's just has the head parts set for the male sex, but that's only you don't see a horrible glitch when you're selecting the race with the sex set to male in the chargen.
They also have face morphs for expressions, I did them manually and I suck at modeling, sorry for that. Also has partial voices (only attacks, power attacks, dead cry, block, and all that stuff). Schierke has no voices yet.

Since version 0.5 they're named as follows:

Guts Race = Black Swordsman
Griffith Race = White Hawk
Casca Race = Ex-Commander
Schierke Race = Witch of the Forest
Farnese Race = Witch in Training

Also since this version, I gave Guts and Griffith separate body textures for their respective races. They can be found in their respective textures directories in the folder called body.

None of these changes should affect your saves/plugins created with this as master.

For Guts I used the Male_Body_No_Hairy mod found in nexus. For Griffith I used that same one and the Male Body Vein Removal, found in nexus too.


You NEED an x117 skeleton in both "\meshes\actors\character\character assets" and "\meshes\actors\character\character assets female" or you'll get a CTD everytime you select the Schierke race.
I've included one in the "Option" folder contained in this 7z. Use it ONLY if you have no x117 skeleton yet.

1. Erase gutsrace.esp (Ignore this if you're installing this for the first time)
2. Extract the files to your Skyrim directory.
3. If it asks to overwrite, say yes, it'll probably do if you had any of the mods this was based on.
4. Activate berserkraces.esm
5. Enjoy.


You see, I had to merge both Guts' race and Casca's race in a single .esm, because having them separated caused the FLST record problem I mention in Incompatibility. This however will bring a problem for you: Your character will have no head since Guts' race changed its FormID.

What you have to do to fix your save (it worked for me anyways), is open the save, you'll see your Guts has no head, open the console, type "player.setrace Guts" (no quotes), then type "Showracemenu" (no quotes) and okay it. After that you save the game, close it, reopen, load your game and you'll notice you STILL have no head. Don't worry. Open the console again, type "Showracemenu" again, and you'll notice your race is set correctly. Well, just go up/down one race and QUICKLY go back to the Guts race. If you did it correctly, after you okay this, you'll have your stats intact.

Sorry you have to do this, but I really didn't predict the formlists would overwrite each other.


I changed Guts mouth to be separated into Teeth and InnerMouth, and the Teeth didn't want to show right away ingame with my Guts character.
So I had to follow the same workaround. Only this time after reloading Skyrim he'll have his head, doesn't matter, he still doesn't have his teeth, so do the same you did before.

This only happens if you had a Guts character already.

Also make sure to delete both mouth.nif and mouth.tri from "Skyrim\Data\Meshes\Armor\gutshead\", since they aren't used anymore and they will just clutter your directory.

1. Go to /Data and erase berserkraces.esm
2. Go to /Data/Meshes/Armor/Berserk/ and erase Casca, gutshead, Schierke, Farnese and Grifith directories.
2. Go to /Data/Textures/Armor/Berserk/ and erase Casca, GutsHead, Schierke, Farnese and Grifith directories.
3. Go to /Data/Sound/Voice/skyrim.esm/ and erase MaleGuts, FemaleCasca and FemaleSchierke directories.

File directories:


It WILL conflict with any mod that modifies the original FLST records that contain VTYP records, such as VoicesPlayer (you'll lose the voice for the races).

To fix it, you'll have to manually add the VTYP records in this mod to the FLSTs in that mod with TesVSnip. I don't know of any mod currently doing it, but if/when it exists, it will conflict.

An application to patch any mod modifying FLST records might be nice. Too bad I can't code to save my life, so that would have to wait.

EDIT: I'm investigating a way to fix this. The Racial Compatibility mod could help here. Not sure yet.

Known Issues or Bugs
- Any mods modifying the FLSTS modified here will overwrite them, resulting in losing the voices for every race in this mod. I can't fix it since it seems to be a CK limitation. Sorry, but you can fix it with tesvsnip.
- The heads will probably clip with some helmets. It's too bad we no longer get to use .tris for headgears. Now that I realized I can't just copy ALL the morphs from a tri to a new one with the had set a bit more to the back,
  this would be harder to fix than what I thought.
- Expression morphs are kind of wonky because I suck at this.
- Griffith has no other expressions than MoodAnger, DialogueAnger, CombatAnger and CombatShout, everything else is the syllables so he can talk. This is intended, since the Eclipse he became an expressionless and heartless bastard.

0.50, 05/03/2012 - Added Griffith's Race
0.40, 04/25/2012 - Added Farnese's Race.
0.31, 04/11/2012 - Added voices for Schierke.
                   Now you can make a follower with her race.
0.3,  04/10/2012 - Added Schierke's race.
                   Edited Casca's and Schierke's face textures a bit.
                   Added lip color and Cheek color texture for Schierke, and lip color texture for Casca.                 
0.21, 04/07/2012 - Improved Guts expressions and gave him all the syllables such as Aah and Eee.
                   Also separated his mouth into Teeth and InnerMouth, so you'll have to use the workaround mentioned before.
                   You can also make a companion with his race now.
0.2,  2012/04/05 - Added Casca's race and merged both races in a single master file.
0.1,  2012/04/02 - Initial release, with Guts' race only.


- Add voices for Griffith. He has no clips in the original game, so I have to find some of either the same voice actor or some other VA that sounds like his.
- Add voices for Farnese. She doesn't have much voice clips in the original game. I need voice clips of Yuuko Goto with no background noise and that actually fit Farnese.
- Add more characters.

Tools Used
3DS Max
Readme Generator
Creation Kit
BSA Unpacker in the FOMM


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  2. You, good sir, are a god among men. Now I must finally make the switch to a full-time male protagonist!

    I've been trying to figure out the scripting and CK engine, and it would be so awesome if I could complete a Berserk quest to its fruition, but with all of Bethesda's CK bugs, I'm delaying that objective.

    It would be great to break it up into chunks. I've been thinking:
    1.) Monsters hunt down Guts regularly based on night.
    2.) Guts having nightmares in his sleep. Not sure how to approach that though.
    3.) Have soldiers/villagers spread rumors of Guts.
    4.) Load screens with quotes from the anime/movie/manga.
    5.) Music (I've already done this)
    6.) Main menu screen
    7.) Unique attack animations

    If modders were to take all this in, and more, one step at a time, we could have something really great on our hands.

    1. I already made a Main menù screen, but I didn't upload it yet anywhere. Maybe I will do it this night.

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  3. Did you add the Berserk PS2 sound attack files too? They sound just like them! No ambient sound either! If so, superb work! I was trying to accomplish this myself by opening up the PS2 image file, but the best I could do was find the BG music. Everything else was encrypted.

    Also, I like how this Guts race approach allows for a consistent skin tone with both the face and the arms. Granted, if you don't cover the neck area, you see an explicit quality disconnect from the lower neck to the torso, but this is understandable. Simply wearing armor solves the issue.

  4. Everything you mentioned in your first post is, indeed, -possible-.

    However, it is a really big scale project. I can't do it alone.

    1 to 3 is models and a LOT of scripting. 4 is very simple. 6 is simple too. 7 is possible but I don't know how to animate, and doing a sloppy job would be terrible. If I knew how to motion capture (and had the hardware), I myself would capture my movements to create the animations.

    Also yes, the sounds are from the PS2 game.


    I will upload this tonight or in the next days.

    1. I did it, you can find it on Nexus. If you have good idea about a really cool image for the menù, I can add it.

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  6. Bagserk, I fucking love everything you have done. Thank you for sharing these for us. There's one problem with this race, the face and body textures doesnt match well and I hope someone who is good at texturing would fix it.

    (sorrya bout that first post)

  7. Loving this, now I can finally use the Guts head underneath normal helmets. Also, love the attack sounds. Yet, I've not been hit since playing it, and wondering if it does make a sound when you're hit, that's different.

  8. Added Casca's race, also had to merge both of the current races. Read the readme.

  9. When we get perfect berserk compilation (including all things ReMeDy said), animation from Berserk game and if possible, the combat system from that PS2 game (or similiar), I will never stop playing this game. Only thing needed then is XEO like mod and japanese audio and new Berserk game has born. I would help doing this, but I'm not good at texturing or modeling so I'm pretty useless.

  10. In manga Guts is not so much expressive, it was good enough just at version 0.2 xD

    Btw, will you never update your Dragonslayer to the last version of the mod? It's so much better the 2.0 version, it's quite annoying seeing all that pics you made with the first release, since I helped Phate3 creating his mod :P

  11. The only fix I've seen being done is the one with the battleaxe animations. I don't like it, the hilt is way too large, sorry. I prefer to wait for better animations for two-handed swords.

    And he does have expressions in the manga, you just see him pissed 95% of the time. He already had expressions anyways, you just can't see them unless you use the puppeteer mod or get into a battle.

  12. The battleaxe version is an optional file, not the main file. Download the "Dragonslayer-1024-20" or "Dragonslayer-2048-20", it's the sword version 2.0. Try it ;)

    1. I see, I didn't really check for changes to the model or anything. Thanks, I'll update it.

  13. How can I access to animation menu?


  14. How can I get the Schierke's clothes and accessories in the console panel?

    PD: Very good work. That is my favourite mod of the game.

  15. Download her clothes:

    Then either get them at the Winterhold College or use help "schierke" 4 in the console.

  16. Could you by any chance create NPCs of Guts, Casca, Schierke and Farnese, perferably as followers? It'd be awesome that whilst playing as one of the races, I could get the others to follow me.

    1. I plan to do that when I have every character ready. You can also do it yourself, since all of the races can be used for followers and creating followers isn't so hard. I also haven't checked that well how to create followers, my Casca uses magic even though I didn't set her combat style to magic.

  17. hi, very cool mod so griffith and farnese dont have voice ? when they ll be added ?

    1. As I stated it in the readme, when I find fitting voices for them.

    2. so how can i help :D, i can create sounds but not for skyrim maybe u can convert it, i dont know how it works.Im going to search if i can download berserk movie so maybe some sounds there

    3. Search for games where Yūko Gotō did voiceovers and her character actually attacks or something. Search for games where Toshiyuki Morikawa did any voiceovers, including attacks too. Takahiro Sakurai is acceptable too as long as it's not Haseo or X.

      Characters that sound like Farnese and Griffith only, actually.

      Nothing from anime/movies, these always have background music and that's pretty much impossible to completely clean without completely screwing up the sound.

    4. its hard to find but im starting now. Also find that Takahiro Sakurai voice actor on movie.

  18. well Kira voices from bleach ofc take a look what do u think maybe in other bleach games we can find something too.. itsw ahrd because music background

    1. Do you have the game? Because downloading the whole ISO for a few voices I might not be able to extract would be annoying. If you do have the iso, could you get the file where all the sounds are packed and upload it?

  19. i can download the iso. just 1.3 gb and you mean just copy all sound files ? and upload right ?

  20. hi these are the files in bleach game folder which one u want ? look at this image

    1. I THINK the sounds might be in the "xa" folder, since I don't see anything else that might have them. What are the contents of that folder?

  21. ive read takahiro sakurai voice. and he made lot of voice like sasori and yu kanda from d gray man. only hard thing its find the sounds

  22. how can i make face anims ? i need a mod or something ?

    1. No. You need to have a basic grasp of how to edit meshes in Blender, how Shapekeys work, you need the tri import/export script for blender, conformulator and hair morphs helper to easily create your initial .tri, and everything else is manual work editing shapekeys.

  23. ok...For some reason I can't seem to use any vanilla armors on Guts... He is always naked!!! the only thing that shows up are his helmet gloves and boots. I was using the other gutsrace.esp before and everything worked fine but with this .ESM it seems Guts is the nude... I know I must have done something wrong however I am unable to figure this out :( Any advice? I thought about just biting the bullet and making a vanilla race character but... I can't play this game unless my main char is Guts! What have you done to me!?!? lol j/k... please help... Guts should not be naked... unless he is banging some woman... that turn into monsters of course... God I love that manga!

    1. Did you already try disabling any other race mods you have? This is the first time I heard of this so the problem must be one of your mods.

    2. i ahve beuty races mod, apachi, 2 more mods that mod races and never got a prob

  24. OK! I built my own mod that enables all races to use their own specified body meshes, skeletons and armor for the selected body type (UNP, CBBE, UNPBP, CHSBHC, ADEC Etc...) I don't want to stop using my mod because it adds a nice variety to the characters in skyrim... so that is what is causing my issue. I will need to add the customer races to my mod so that I can assign a body and correct skeleton with all vanilla armors by race. The issue will be resolved once I add your berserk races to my Body and armor by race.esp!

    Thank you!

    1. >Body and armor by race

      Pretty sure that will cause problems, so yeah, you'll have to fix it yourself.

  25. As a long time obsessed fan of Berserk, these mods are just too awesome. I was considering figuring out how to add sounds from the English dub, but you're right with the background noises and I'm not that much of a script-kid.

    I'd like to play as young Guts for awhile before he wields the Dragonslayer, using this mod:

    Speaking of which, would you mind uploading a face adjustment where you've flipped Guts' left eye and placed it upon where his closed right eye would be?

  26. I would love this mod if it wasn't for the eyes. The eyes really creep me out.

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  28. Is there any way to fit Guts face texture with the body?