Saturday, March 3, 2012

Casca's Armor (Hentai's Casker armor) for Skyrim, CBBE version


More info down.

So I tried to adapt this armor to CBBE.

It went okay except for some clipping. The skin clips a bit with the shirt in lower weight levels, and the cape clips with the back and doesn't really have a _0 weight because the CBBE body for some reason is at a different position than the vanilla body, and since the cape I used was at the same position than the vanilla body, it was kind of hard to find a good spot where it wouldn't clip.

I decided to cover the legs with part of the Triss armor, so it looks more like what Casca wears in the manga and more like a armor for protection instead of a disguise. Colored the skirt brown. I tried adding a better normal map for the "skirt" to make it look more like clothing, but failed, so it won't look like it looks in the screenshots, it'll look how it used to look back in Oblivion. Also recolored the shirt so it's the same color as the "skirt", since it's no skirt, it's the lower part of the shirt.

I'm wasn't planning on releasing this since it's pretty rough, but then I thought that someone else with more skill might be able to fix the problems it has.


Resources used:

Casker armor by Hentai
Dragon Quest 3 Sage Outfit for UNP by Backsteppo
Triss Armor from The Witcher 2
CBBE generated with the BodySlide


  1. Awesome work man,i can see u like Berserk.I`m dying to see a griffith armor male,(female CBBE body) i hope that u will find time to make it. The IoE weaved it's causality u cant resist:)

  2. I don't know if I'll be adapting any more Berserk armors from Oblivion, since Zenl is planning to do a lot of Berserk stuff, and his stuff is much better than whatever is out already. I've been trying to find out how to rip the PS2 game 3d models though.

  3. It would be great if you can rip the Zodd models and all the other Apostoles.

  4. @Bagserk

    do you already have this?

  5. I imported that along with the head in Oblivion, check my older posts. I also imported his head in Skyrim, check older posts. As for the armor in Skyrim, Zenl's version is much better:

  6. Bagserk, do you have the PS2 dvd? With megaupload down, must be very hard to find and download that game. I have it if you want.