Thursday, January 26, 2012

Silly Hairs

I converted some hair meshes from a porn game.

To install just drop the Data folder in your Skyrim install directory. If you had a previous version, it'll ask to rewrite. Click yes.

This ADDS the hairs for every human looking races (including Orcs) to the end of their hair slider instead of replacing the three first vanilla ones. It also adds its respective hairlines so you don't have a vanilla layer of hair below the new ones. Female only... for now.

Use the contents of the Option folder if you want the detailed texture for hairs where it's applicable.

ACTUAL ver 0.3 Notes

- Converted a fourth hair. I made sure it looked like Casca's.
- Added an option to replace the plain anime-ish texture for a more detailed one, from a japanese modder from whose name/nick I don't know, I can just say thanks. Only for hairs 03 and 04 (the new one).

ver 0.2 Notes
Fixed a flag in the nif files so the hair disappears when you wear hoods and that kind of stuff the hair shouldn't clip with.  Now I know what they used the skin partitions for aside from decapitations.

 ver. 0.1 Notes

If you happen to have the hairs being invisible, go to Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character and rename the folder "characters assets" to "character assets", or if you already have a "character assets" folder, copy the content of "characters assets" to the correct one. I fucked up the naming. The link is fixed.


  1. That Casca hair looks superb! Well done. It looks very close to the real thing.

    If that hair can get paired with her armor, then she would flat-out knock me out head over heels.

  2. I was wondering, why you don't convert Guts' hairstyle? The hair from the mask, converted in order to become an hairstyle for Character Creation.

    1. Not until I'm able to screw around properly with Hairlines, since they don't get properly replaced with the .esp after all...

    2. I'm sorry, I don't understand your answer... What's the problem with esp? O_O

  3. Nevermind, I didn't know you already did the Casca armor :P. I'm now in ecstasy.

  4. dude could you please post your shit in skyrim nexus? its nice to have all the shits listed on NMM.

    and make a GALO title music mod

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  6. very good mod.
    Would you Please open to the public once more?

  7. "This file is currently set to private."

  8. the download folder is private.
    I can't download. release the folder please!