Tuesday, September 13, 2011

First post and a mod

Well, I guess a Blogger is the simplest thing I can do. I have nothing much to say, this blog will be dedicated to post whatever I find or create regarding TES4: Oblivion. Don't expect much though, I'm not nearly as experienced in modding/modeling/texturing as most modders (I barely know how to fix me some stuff in Blender) and I only do this when I really don't have anything better to do.

Also I suck at blogging, so bear with me.

The first thing I'm going to post is a compilation of some nice Berserk mods I've found, and some stuff I've modified in my free time.

Race, Armors and Companions:

This adds a few characters as companions with their respectives armors, and of course the race they're using.

The characters are Casca, Griffith, found at Bruma, and Farnese and Schierke, found at Bravil.

Casca and Farnese are completely based on the latest FFRace, I don't know who the author of the race is, but I know it was fixed by someone at Naver, a korean Oblivion modding community or something. I just edited the face texture for Casca so her sking looks black and used the Chocolate Elves High Res texture for the body.

Schierkes race is based on the Lop-ears mini race, I just addapted an SKS hair and made her eyebrows and eyelashes green. I'm sure everyone at this point already knows who's the Lop-ears author. Also made the race standalone so you don't need the x117 races at all.

Griffiths and Guts races are based on a certain MBP based NPC replacer that labels races as Smart or Beteran (yes, with B). I don't know the author either.

The armors and weapons I included are:

Berserk Armors by SkeletonKey (armors only)
Griffiths Armor by SkeletonKey (thanks to the kind anon who provided the link)
Dragonslayer by SkeletonKey
Cascas (Casker) Armor by HENTAI
Schierkes Robes (modified Cute Witch's Hat and Cape + modified mage robes)
And a mockup of Guts Hawks armor. It's just a modification of the iron armor, leather boots, Scaveleons Loose Pants, SkeletonKeys Black Cape from the Berserk mod, and I added the Hawks medal-thing on the cape. The cape ended up looking weird though, but that's the best I could do.

The armors are in a chest in the testinghall since I haven't found a decent place to put every armor.

Type "coc testinghall" without quotes in the console to go there.


Guts savefile

This is just a savefile of a character I did with Guts race that somewhat resembles Guts... a bit, or maybe not, your mileage may vary...


Guts and Casca voices

This adds the voices for Guts race and Cascas race from the PS2 Berserk game.


Requirements (look them up in tesnexus)

Roberts Male Bodies (I use v5)
NPC Face Color Unlocker
Latest MBP 2ch Edition
CM Partners

Load Order

Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm

Put BerserkArmorsandClothes.esp where you usually put your armor related esps.
Put BerserkRaces.esp where you usually put your race related esps.
Put Berserk CM Partners Combined.esp where you usually put your companions related esps, as long as it's after the armors and races esps.


None I know of. This however adds NPCs in both Bruma and Bravil, a container in the testinghall, and several armors. Whatever uses their form IDs will be replaced I believe. I changed the IDs for every armor so they shouldn't conflict with their standalone versions.


Since CM Partners AI is pretty wonky at times, I serously recommend using Mad Companionship Spells 2.5 and MCS Extension 1.14a by madtaro and r_basilico.It contains a spell to "calm" your partners in case you hit them (fucking friendly fire).I haven't seen any problems in using CM Partners along with it as long as you don't make the CM Partners follow you with the CM Partners dialog and  MCS at the same time.

Also, I fucking hate this text editor holy shit.


  1. thanks a looooooot man i really wanted this. i would like griffith voice xD i wonder if i can make them.

  2. all links is dead...could you please re-upload Griffith Armor?

  3. Please reupload all your Oblivion mods. I really love berserk and you are only one who has made these kind of mods. This might be too much asked, but could you put berserk armor mod and guts' head mod together in one mod and put those items in testing hall? I really would appreciate it.